Photographic Honours

The Final Step?
As a photographer you always need goals to aim for. Knowing he would never achieve an FRPS or MPAGB Leo set a target of gaining an EFIAP -Gold level award many years ago. Suffice to say that, as from 3.6.2013 Job Done .
Will he go on to try for the top level - EFIAP - Platinum? If is very doubtful as this really is a mammoth task so do not hold your breath - he has other commitments to fulfil.
Update. Well, despite all the odds he did soldier on and in July 2024 received news that he had gained EFIAP/p - and fulfilled his dream. It took far longer than expected as he went seven years needing two more Awards to achieve the very high level but it did prove his staying power. Even so, it was only due to the tenacity of his friend, Howard Tate (PAGB Head of Services) who gave him so much support with his application that he made it Thanks Howard
In the interim years FIAP have introduced even higher levels and the next one is EFIAP Diamond 1. Leo is not dreaming of this one - Platinum was the final step.