The Idle Rich

Just a little piece of background
Name Leo Rich ARPS, EFIAP/gold, DPAGB, BPE3*
HonPAGB (for exceptional service to the PAGB/ Amateur Club Photography in the UK)
Location: Salisbury, Wiltshire UK

Leo never realised that a boyhood interest in photography would turn into a lifelong hobby which has introduced him to people and taken him to places he could not have imagined. He is self taught, (friends say this is still evident in his work) and became “serious” when he joined his first camera club in 1969 He still remains a dedicated amateur taking what he wants to take, not what someone will pay him to photograph. (Translated this means he was never going to be good enough to become a professional and anyhow he enjoyed his own career so much he did not contemplate changing) However he did not realise until later how stressful the job he had was and that he owed a debt of gratitude to photography as his release valve.

Inevitably he became involved in the Admin side resulting in him being President of the Southern Photographic Federation twice a few years ago and was their representative on the PAGB where he is a Past President and former Secretary of the Awards for Photographic Merit – a job he really loved and enjoyed as he has a great belief in the Awards and the way they can encourage club photographers to raise their own standard.
Photographically he will have a go at any subject which takes his fancy. However, in recent years, encouraged by the opportunity to travel, he has developed an interest in “people” pictures and gets as much enjoyment from the interaction with his intended subjects as he does actually taking their portraits. It is for this reason that he loves India which he finds truly inspiring but, sadly, his dream location has come to an end as he is no longer able to fly ”long haul” .

He also tries a few natural history subjects – if only to challenge his daughter Tracey who travelled the World photographing rare and exotic animals in remote locations for a living. He spends more time trying to identify what he has taken than actually getting the photographs.

He has been lucky in achieving a few Awards and a couple of Distinctions with his photographs and his current project is to obtain the EFIAP/Platinum His only gripe about this marvellous hobby is that some photographers take themselves far too seriously and it is his mission in life to put “Fun back into Photography” - though you might not believe it if you saw some of his images.
Quote “ Having a beard helps to break the ice as I often compare mine with my intended subject so long as it is not a lady”

In making the move to Digital capture he still hopes to maintain the “slide” ethic and only do the minimum amount of adjustment to the image “as taken” This is not some altruistic dream but a reflection on his inability to grasp the technicalities of digital manipulation!
So, please spend a few minutes exploring his site where he has shown some of the images accumulated over many years of club photography.

Despite all of the above he is in great demand throughout the UK as a “speaker”. He does not give lectures but “talks” which, besides illustrating some of his work, also points out the idiosyncrasies he has experienced, especially at the hands of photographic judges, throughout his life.
Having been “through the mill” (and some say to get his own back) Leo has been a photographic judge for over 30 years which, besides visiting clubs and federations, includes judging National and International exhibitions and being one of the panel for the PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit.

Because he is an amateur if you like what you see tell him - if you don’t please keep it to yourself and quietly move onto someone else’s site which may well act as a better inspiration.

On achieving a lifelong ambition to see, and photograph, tigers in the wild he now adopts the slogan “Take only photographs – leave only pugmarks”