The Idle Rich

Just a little piece of background
Name Leo Rich ARPS, EFIAP/gold, DPAGB, BPE3*
HonPAGB for exceptional service to the PAGB/ Amateur Club Photography in the UK)
Location: Salisbury, Wiltshire UK

Specific Areas of Photographic Interest or Expertise?
None. Leo classes himself as a "Jobbing Amateur" who will photograph, poorly, anything that takes his fancy though he has developed a love of taking environmental people portraits when travelling.
He enjoys Wildlife (and the wildlife) and Natural History subjects but photographs them very badly. He is always seeking a fresh challenge in the hope that, given time, he will produce a half decent image.

Having acquired an interest in photography whilst a schoolboy, and teaching himself to take, develop and print pictures he has been a "club photographer" for many years and is an avid entrant in photographic exhibitions throughout the World. In the past eight years alone he has amassed over 1000 acceptances, achieving numerous medals, ribbons and awards in more than 30 countries on five Continents.

He is also a Photographic Alliance of Great Britain Judge and has been the Selector for National and International Exhibitions as well as their own Awards for Photographic Merit scheme.

He is in great demand, throughout the UK, as a "speaker" He does not give lectures but "talks" which, besides illustrating some of his work, also points out the idiosyncrasies he has experienced especially at the hands of photographic judges throughout his life.

His love of travel has taken him to many Countries in the World and he has a special interest in India where he enjoys introducing friends to the joys of photographing the people and wildlife on his visits.