Digital Talks

The Idle Rich - Sliding into Digital VERSION TWO"
Well ... he has jumped! A brand new digital talk has emerged based on his experiences in going Digital, humorously entitled "The Idle Rich - Sliding into Digital" This might be the only laugh you will get when you see the results of his moving into this new genre. At least it will reassure those who are also struggling with Projected Digital Images that there are those who are even less able than themselves. He is one of the few people who has been able to replicate his inability to take quality slides into doing the same in the Digital World.
The original talk was updated as many club members seemed to have less grasp on the technicalities of digital projection than Leo himself. He thought this would never happen but, following feedback, he has deleted lots of solid advice (eg white balance, exposure etc) and replaced them with even more of his dubious images, many taken in India which is proving far more popular.
So we now have an updated talk - The Idle Rich...sliding into digital VERSION TWO, fresh off the screen. This was trialled with two local clubs
They both knew they were guinea pigs and they seemed to go alright. He was delighted to receive the following

"Leo's pictures were absolutely fantastic and his talk was, as usual, full of interest and plenty of jokes. Please tell him, when you write, how much we enjoyed his visit."

Has he, after all these years, finally cracked it?
Why not challenge your club by booking him and see them fall about looking at his feeble efforts?

The Idle Rich Rambles on.........
Idle the Rich maybe but it does not deter him from putting together yet another talk. If you thought his previous efforts were piecemeal and a little zany you ought to see this one! His carer and long suffering wife, Carolyn, sat through one trial and as a result it was swiftly updated. He has struggled trying to put together an acceptable series of pictures and, when time allows, continues to review the current offering. This is proving a test of his, dubious, tenacity to get the job done - maybe a booking will spur him on??