Slde talks currently available from The Idle Rich are listed below. You must be old (pre the digital revolution!) if you remember those. Only good if you fancy a walk down memory lane.

Photography in my Genes”
“A delightfully refreshing talk, enjoyed by all our members”
Bristol Photographic Society

“Like a breath of fresh air.”
Malden Camera Club
These are two (the only two) positive comments he has received about this talk. Nevertheless he does try and tout it round the camera clubs and photographic societies – if he has been able to bore nearly 100 of them why not keep trying? Truthfully, he has been back to a number of clubs and given this talk a second time. None could recall the first time so it shows how memorable his images are.
If you are looking to fill an evening which will let some members slumber in peace and others bristle at his audacity to show below average images, why not see if he is available? Despite the recent fuel increases he does try and keep his travelling expenses reasonable: he sympathises with Treasurers working to a budget.

And, did you know there is a sequel?

“The Idle Rich Returns”

Originally put together for a presentation to the Western Counties Photographic Federation it was then expanded (he found some more dodgy slides) into a full evening. Because he is a Jack of all subjects, Master of none, he calls it a “pot pourri” of images in the hope there will be at least one picture for each of the viewers to enjoy.

He was very chuffed when Beeston Camera Club wrote in their newsletter
“Leo’s self-deprecating humour ensured the large audience was treated to an evening of outstanding photography laced with wry wit and some acute observations on life’s idiosyncrasies” He thinks the author was at a different presentation and got the names mixed up!

“Ramblings with the Idle Rich”
Not another slide show? It is another miscellany of different subjects which he has covered during many years of club photography.
Having resisted the need to “go Digital”he is now teetering on the brink of a filmless world. As he has 40+ years of mouldy slides lurking in various cupboards he has selected what he considers some of the best and put them together in one final attempt to try and convince camera clubs that he can take a half decent snap. If you do book this lecture please view it sympathetically as he is about to jump into the unknown and never be heard of again.